Land of Candy

Follow the rainbow colored road to your Candy-Kingdom event . . . Let us customize your prom with Entrance Décor, Centerpieces, Stage Décor, Senior Walk, Photo Backdrops, Room Décor, Balloons, Entertainment, Lighting and Special Effects. 

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Land of Candy

Décor and Extras:

Colored Pathway Entrance  *  Candy-Cane Striped Décor  Colorful Balloons  *  Twinkling Lights  *  Candy Themed Bar

Linen - Colorful Themed Overlays

Themed Centerpieces for tables

Imprinted Giveaways for all of your guests

Call 615-255-1111 for Nashville TN Prom Décor, Senior Walk, Stage Décor, Photo Backdrops, Balloons.